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Sons of Confederate Veterans
On this page you will find documents and resources that members can use to better inform themselves in order to carry out our Charge and defend our heritage against the attacks that come our way. These pages are in pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to access them.
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The Gray Book- The first serious attacks on Confederate Heritage on a national level commenced at the onset of WWI. As a form of propaganda, many compared Germany to the Confederacy. In answer to these unfounded attacks, the SCV published the Gray Book. It is a great resource still for setting the record straight. Read it click here

The Battle Hymn of the Republic: What It Really Means   Mike Jones

The Doctrine of States Rights     Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution and Secession     Kenith Andry

Governments Rest Upon the Consent of the Governed       Jefferson Davis

A Fresh Look at The Cause of the South      Rev. Steve Wilkins

Confederate Heroes     Charles E. McMichael

Why do people believe that Lincoln was a great President?      Chuck Rand

Heritage and Education       Robert Peters PhD

With whom do you Stand?      Robert Peters PhD

100th Re-Dedication Caddo Parish Monument       Eric J. Brock

Lincoln's Band of Tyrants       Walter D. Kennedy
A Confederate Catechism      THE WAR OF 1861-1865


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