The SCV Sesquicentennial Commission has been formed to begin planning the SCV’s involvement in the 150th anniversary of the Cause of Southern Independence. The primary goals of the commission are fourfold:

1. To promote the observance of the activities leading up to, during, and 
   following the War Between the States;
2. To cooperate with and assist national, state, and local organizations with
     programs and activities suitable for the commemoration; how withdraw money from IQ Option
3. To ensure that any observance of the sesquicentennial of the
     War for Southern Independence appropriately recognizes the experiences
      and points of view of the citizens and soldiers of the Confederate States
      of America; and
4. To develop and provide assistance for the development of programs, 
      projects, and activities commemorating the 150th anniversary of the
    War for Southern Independence that have lasting educational value.

150 Years
History, Heritage & Honor

Sons of Confederate Veterans
You can help these efforts by becoming a member of the SCV Sesquicentennial Society.
It is open to all, not just SCV members.

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